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Democrats’ Secret Plot to Oust Biden Exposed

There is reportedly a secret plan underway to replace President Joe Biden as the Democrat incumbent for the 2024 presidential election, according to The Daily Mail. Concerns among Democrat insiders about Biden’s rapidly declining health have sparked fears that he could drag the entire party down with him in November. This revelation comes amid growing questions about Biden’s fitness for office, highlighted by his recent public gaffes and plummeting poll numbers compared to the presumed Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s health has come under intense scrutiny following a series of incidents that have raised eyebrows. One such incident occurred on the 80th anniversary of D-Day when Biden froze up as French President Emmanuel Macron approached him. Just days later, former President Barack Obama was seen guiding a seemingly disoriented Biden off the stage at a Los Angeles fundraiser. Most recently, during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House, Biden stood motionless with a blank stare as dancers and singers performed around him, before he was again guided off the podium.

Despite these concerns, the White House has maintained that nothing is wrong with the president’s health. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates dismissed concerns about Biden’s health at the Juneteenth event, and a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi affirmed the former House speaker’s “full confidence” in President Biden. However, reports from several officials who have recently attended meetings at the White House suggest that Biden’s mental capacities are in decline, fueling further speculation about his viability as a presidential candidate.

According to a Democrat strategist who spoke to The Daily Mail, if Biden performs poorly in his first debate with Trump or continues to see falling poll numbers, the top four leaders of his own party may come together to force him to step down. The strategist indicated that only Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have the collective influence to persuade Biden to step aside. Nevertheless, Biden is expected to resist any suggestion to step down, given his position as the leader of the party and his determination to continue campaigning through Election Day.

In anticipation of potential changes, the DNC plans to host a virtual convention to formally select Biden as the presidential nominee ahead of the actual convention in Chicago in August. This online voting system would allow for a more controlled process if the party decides to replace Biden. Should a decision be made to nominate a new candidate, the new system would facilitate the introduction of a substitute nominee. According to a top political consultant, Vice President Kamala Harris is unlikely to be the replacement due to her unpopularity in the polls. The announcement of a new candidate would likely require Biden to publicly endorse his own replacement alongside top Democrat leaders, a move that Harris would probably oppose given her intention to remain on the ticket. Any move to replace Biden remains risky, as the new nominee and their supporters could be blamed for a loss if Trump wins the presidency in November.

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