Dems Go After Mueller for Hearing Gone Wrong

The Left is losing it after former special counsel Robert Mueller single-handedly sunk their entire collusion delusion lifeboat in Wednesday’s hearing. Left wing “filmmaker” Michael Moore got especially personal in his attack against the former witch hunt ringmaster, tweeting: “A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions…I said it in 2017, and Mueller confirmed it today-all you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Mueller-just STFU from now on.” Is it too much to hope they follow his advice? And now new evidence is suggesting Mueller actually conspired to hide evidence of deep state collusion. The rabbit hole is getting ever deeper.

Here’s more from Fox News…

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s mythic profile — built over a period of two years by Trump detractors hoping his investigation and later his testimony would pave the way for the president’s removal from office — took a hit Wednesday as the veteran lawman was seen stumbling through questions and at times unclear about the contents of his own report.

Now, some of President Trump’s biggest critics are turning their ire toward the legend himself, panning his performance at this high-stakes forum, even though Mueller repeatedly made clear he did not wish to testify in the first place.

“Much as I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster,” Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe tweeted, in reference to Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Tribe is an outspoken critic of Trump who often calls for his impeachment and indictment. He noted Mueller’s appearance failed to provide the made-for-TV moment that Democrats could rally behind in their efforts to bring down the president.

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