Deputy Called on Nikolas Cruz to be Committed

According to documents obtained by the Associated Press, Nikolas Cruz should have been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital long before he was able to purchase a gun and slaughter 17 people.

The documents reveal, ironically, that a school counselor who was also a Sheriff’s Deputy — none other than Scot Peterson — recommended that Florida’s Baker Act be invoked which would have forced Cruz to undergo psychiatric evaluation for three days in a mental institute.

That alone would have prevented him from purchasing a gun.

It’s still unclear why that recommendation was not acted upon, but it’s just one more epic failure of the system in Florida…not the NRA.

Here’s more from ABC…

Officials were so concerned about the mental stability of the student accused of last month’s Florida school massacre that they decided he should be forcibly committed.

But the recommendation was never acted upon.

A commitment under the law would have made it more difficult if not impossible for Nikolas Cruz to obtain a gun legally.

Cruz is accused of the shooting rampage that killed 14 students and three school employees at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Feb. 14. In addition, 17 people were wounded.

But more than a year earlier, documents in the criminal case against Nikolas Cruz and obtained by The Associated Press show school officials and a sheriff’s deputy recommended in September 2016 that Cruz be involuntarily committed for a mental evaluation.

The documents, which are part of Cruz’s criminal case in the shooting, show that he had written the word “kill” in a notebook, told a classmate that he wanted to buy a gun and use it, and had cut his arm supposedly in anger because he had broken up with a girlfriend. He also told another student he had drunk gasoline and was throwing up. Calls had even been made to the FBI about the possibility of Cruz using a gun at school.

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