Ex-WH Photographer Exposes Biden’s Secret Decline!

The dam is crumbling, and the truth about Joe Biden’s presidency is finally seeping through the cracks. On Saturday, we brought you the startling revelation that some officials, speaking anonymously, admitted Joe Biden is “dependably engaged” only between the hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Before or after that, his mental sharpness fades. This phenomenon, known as “sundowning,” is a term typically used for cognitive decline—a concerning trait for any commander-in-chief.

Now, a new report on Sunday sheds light on more tactics used by Biden’s inner circle to shield the declining president from the scrutiny of both the press and White House staff. The most damning allegations come not from secret sources this time but from former White House deputy director of photography, Chandler West. West posted a post-debate Instagram story that sharply criticized his former boss, declaring, “It’s time for Joe to go.” This sentiment echoes the private whispers within the White House, now brought to the forefront.

West’s Instagram post, captured in screenshots obtained by Axios, reveals a stark reality. “I know many of these people and how the White House operates. They will say he has a ‘cold’ or just experienced a ‘bad night,’ but for weeks and months, in private, they have all said what we saw last night—Joe is not as strong as he was just a couple of years ago,” West wrote. Reached by phone, West reiterated that the debate was merely a glimpse of Biden’s ongoing struggles, hinting at more bad days to come. Interestingly, West doesn’t fit the caricature of a “scary mega MAGA white supremacist fascist,” which the left often uses to discredit critics.

The report also highlights the protective measures taken by First Lady Jill Biden and her closest advisers to shield the president. Biden’s closest aides, including Jill’s top aide, Anthony Bernal, and deputy chief of staff Annie Tomasini, have essentially roped off the president. Even the White House residence staff, who serve the first family in their private quarters, have been kept at a distance. A former residence official told Axios that Jill Biden’s protectiveness created a significant divide, unseen even in the Trump White House.

One troubling incident on July 4, 2021, stands out. During a hot day celebration on the South Lawn, Biden appeared to overheat and was ushered back into the White House. His aides blocked butlers and residence staff from assisting him, suggesting he was just a little overheated. This episode left staff feeling that Biden’s aides were creating a barrier around anything related to the president’s health, raising further questions about what they might be hiding.

The thing about a dam is, once it breaks, there’s not much you can do but get out of the way and wait for everything to pour out. What was once a White House wall of secrecy surrounding Joe Biden’s mental health is beginning to crumble, and many more revelations are likely to follow. As the facade collapses, the American people are left to grapple with the reality of a president whose cognitive decline can no longer be concealed.

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