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Explosive: Top Biden Donor’s Pakistan Government Connections Exposed!

Ever heard of Tahir Javed?

Neither had I, but it turns out he was one of President Biden’s biggest donors in the 2020 election – and he’s also now a Pakistani government official. Front Page’s Daniel Greenfield reveals some concerning details:

Right before Election Day, Biden finally released the names of his ‘bundlers’: the big money fundraisers who backed his 2020 campaign. The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s investigative arm did some last-minute digging and found some intriguing names on that list.

One of them was ‘Muhammad’ Tahir Javed: a Biden surrogate, Democratic National Committee deputy finance chair, and future Pakistani cabinet member. Javed bragged that he had “raised over $2M for the Biden Harris transition team” and “recruited 30+ donors to the transition team and general campaign, four of whom were recognized along with myself… to have raised over $100,000 personally.” These donors likely came through Javed’s roles in various Islamic and Pakistani groups operating inside America.

Let that sink in: operating inside America. But where do Javed’s true interests lie?

The Congressional Pakistan Caucus Foundation, founded by Javed, was announced at an event with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Rep. Eric Swalwell (who was later caught having relations with a Chinese Communist spy), and Rep. Henry Cuellar (currently indicted for bribery). Javed had donated around $15,000 to Rep. Jackson Lee and around $9,000 to Swalwell and Cuellar.

But there’s more!

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who called Osama bin Laden a “martyr,” declared, “Tahir Javed has been instrumental in setting up a Pakistan Congress Foundation that has played a key role in the revival and activation of the Congressional Pakistan Caucus at the 116th Congress.”

Does this seem like a guy who has America’s best interests at heart?

Consider Joe Biden and the Biden family’s other arrangements, with representatives from other nations. Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine and China alone are enough to make one wonder what, precisely, Pakistan is getting in return for these generous contributions.

It’s not just the Bidens; more usual suspects are involved with Pakistan:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep. Tom Suozzi visited Pakistan in 2022 and met with officials of the Islamic terror state, but it was Rep. Ilhan Omar’s trip, during which she endorsed its claim to the Indian territory of Kashmir and met with Al Qaeda allies, that attracted scrutiny to Javed.

Pakistan, despite its claims, hasn’t been particularly friendly to the United States. It hosts various Islamic terror groups, according to the CIA, and as we’ve seen, former Prime Minister Imran Khan praised Javed and Osama bin Laden. While Khan was the first Pakistani Prime Minister removed from office through a vote of no confidence, his connections are still concerning.

These kinds of donations by foreign interests are, sadly, not uncommon. But in the case of Joe Biden, there is just too much in his history, and in the history of his family, for us not to look at this “bundler” and his connection to Pakistan and wonder what may have been promised in return.

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