FBI official: IG Report Ignores ‘Jarring’ Political Bias

In an op-ed this week, former FBI official Chris Sweckers argued the Inspector General report on the FBI’s Hillary email investigation ignored the obvious: ‘jarring’ political bias by Comey and his team.

He pointed out flatly: “This is like saying 1+1 = 0.” From secret, illegal gifts from journalists raising red flags for leaking incentives to lovers’ texts to keep Trump from winning, the IG report comes off as a bureaucratic ‘necessary’ gesture of double-speak rather than a genuine analysis of the facts to those actually held to the rule of law and punished accordingly.

James Comey presided over a rogue agency that was politically motivated if anything.

And people ought to go to jail. Soon.

Here’s more from Fox News…

The report on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation issued Thursday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirms the gross misconduct of fired FBI Director James Comey, but – incredibly –  fails to find any political bias in the actions of Comey and his inner circle.

Yet the political bias by Comey and his team was there and is obvious.

In some ways, the IG report resembles the notorious news conference that Comey held in July 2016 that both excoriated and exonerated Clinton for her improper and irresponsible use of a personal email server to handle official State Department business while she was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Clinton used her mobile phone for sensitive calls with President Obama while on foreign soil. She transmitted unencrypted classified documents using her personal email account through her personal server. By her actions, she blatantly violated State Department policies and jeopardized our national security, leaving her communications wide open to cyberespionage.

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