Giuliani: No Trump Interview, Russia Probe Not Legit

Former presidential candidate New York City mayor and now Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani announced on Monday that President Trump will not interview before Special Counsel Robert Mueller because the investigation is a sham. During the Fox News Hannity appearance, Giuliani argued the potential Trump-Mueller interview would amount to a perjury trap. Further, Giuliani pointed out that Trump’s legal team is in a stronger position against the still unsubstantiated collusion allegations. The point is obvious: if Mueller had anything solid on Trump, we’d know about by now because the FBI’s collusion with the DNC would have produced it. It’s the new Red Scare in which Mueller is the new McCarthy.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Former New York City mayor-turned-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said Monday night that he will likely not allow Trump to be interviewed by anyone on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team because the Russia investigation is not legitimate.

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity,¬†Giuliani said a potential Trump-Mueller interview is “highly unlikely” because he would be walking into a perjury trap.

“I always have to leave the option open as a lawyer in case they come across with something that really startles us or fills some of the things that we feel are important,” he said.

Giuliani explained that because of the great work Trump’s attorneys did early on — providing Mueller with “1.4 million documents” and “32 witnesses” — Trump’s legal team is in a position today in which they no longer need to cooperate.

“I believe we are coming toward the end, so I’m talking to some of the people that were involved in the original part of the investigation,” he said.

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