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Hawley Blasts Boeing CEO’s Outrageous $32.8M Salary

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) took Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to task over his exorbitant salary during a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing on Tuesday. The subcommittee has been delving into whistleblower complaints about the aerospace giant, and Hawley didn’t hold back in his questioning.

Hawley began by asking Calhoun about his current compensation. “What is it that you get paid currently?” he inquired. Calhoun responded evasively, referring to the company’s proxy documents. Unimpressed, Hawley pressed for a direct answer. Calhoun finally conceded, “It’s a big number, sir,” to which Hawley retorted with precision: “It’s $32.8 million this year. Does that sound right?” Calhoun confirmed the figure, admitting it represented a 45% increase over the previous year.

The Missouri senator didn’t stop there. He demanded to know what exactly Calhoun is being paid to do, highlighting the massive compensation in light of Boeing’s numerous scandals and safety failures. “Do you get paid for transparency? Is that part of your income metrics?” Hawley asked. Calhoun claimed the board relies on him for transparency, but Hawley was quick to list multiple investigations and incidents that occurred under Calhoun’s leadership, questioning the CEO’s commitment to openness and honesty.

Hawley shifted the focus to Boeing’s safety and quality control issues, pointing out how Calhoun’s leadership appears to prioritize profit over safety, potentially endangering lives. Calhoun dismissed Hawley’s characterization, insisting he did not recognize the Boeing being described. Unconvinced, Hawley pressed further, questioning why Calhoun hasn’t resigned in light of these controversies. Calhoun’s response that he is “sticking this through” and is “proud” of Boeing’s work, including its safety record, drew a sharp response from Hawley.

Hawley’s final remarks were damning. He expressed disbelief at Calhoun’s continued tenure, suggesting that the American public’s fear of flying Boeing planes speaks volumes about the company’s safety record. “Frankly, sir, I think it’s a travesty that you’re still in your job,” Hawley concluded. During the hearing, Calhoun also made headlines for his apology to plane crash victims and his admission of a “far from perfect” culture at Boeing, underscoring the gravity of the issues facing the company under his leadership.

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