History is on President Trump’s Side

History is working for President Donald Trump ahead of his 2020 reelection bid, and it centers on making the economy work again for flyover country and overall public satisfaction with life as “pretty good and getting better.” Despite the polar politicking by the MSM, President Trump’s “Mexico will pay for it” is akin to Bush’s “no new taxes,” and when the rubber meets the road in 2020, voters actually can say they’re better off than they were four years ago.

Here’s more from American Greatness…

Each week, as the thundering host of Democratic seekers of their party’s 2020 presidential nomination scramble for attention and try to outflank their rivals to the left, that party rolls out a new policy proposal that lurches further away from where the solid center of American politics has always resided. The most transformative presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, to adapt a sports metaphor, moved center-field, 10 yards to the left under Roosevelt, and 10 yards to the right under Reagan, but always between the 30-yard lines.

In the five elections between 1876 and 1892, the popular vote was always very close, and the Democrats actually led four times, losing in 1880 by only 2,000 votes out of 9 million cast (James A. Garfield defeated Winfield S. Hancock). Even so, their candidate was only victorious twice; both times with Grover Cleveland.The Republicans ran as the party of Lincoln and Grant and victory in the Civil War, and kept expanding veterans’ pensions more widely among their families. The Democrats prevented the emancipated slaves from voting in the South, states they won en bloc, while they rounded up immigrant and working-class votes with their political machines in the great cities of the North and Midwest.


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