Hypocrisy: No Apologies from Comey to Clinton

Former Secretary of State and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unsuccessfully attempted to turn the heat on former FBI director James Comey for what appears to be a hypocritical investigation of her private email server and account use for government business.

Hillary’s terse ‘But my emails’ tweet comes after the 600-page report on the investigation reveals Comey himself used a private account for some official government business.

However, when asked if he would apologize to Hillary, Comey refused stressing that the emails he sent were unclassified unlike hers and alleging that she fails to grasp what the investigation was even about.

Hi, Pot, allow us to introduce you to Kettle.

Here’s more from Fox News…

James Comey fired back this week at Hillary Clinton after the former secretary of state cited the Justice Department inspector general report on her email case to challenge the premise of the investigation itself.

Clinton did so in a terse, snarky tweet following the release of the nearly 600-page report, which accused the former FBI director of defying the chain of command during the email probe. It also said he, too, used a personal email account for some government business.

“But my emails,” Clinton tweeted, in response to a reporter tweet about Comey’s use of a “gmail” account — a slap at the outrage over her private email server and the FBI probe itself.

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