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Irony: Occupy ICE Erects Wall to Prevent Eviction

In a world constantly flirting with cynicism, a little bit of fun irony gets us through the day, and the Portland “Occupy ICE” movement did not disappoint. After being served by authorities with an eviction notice, protesters in the movement refused to vacate the premises and, instead, erected…wait for it…a wall. That’s right, but wait, there’s more. They then stationed ‘border guards’ to keep watch around their barricades. The moral of the story: walls are perfectly fine so long as they’re protecting leftists alone. But national security walls? That’s a moral outrage. Ahem.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Wednesday, The Daily Wire reported that “Occupy ICE” protesters in Portland had been given eviction notices and were ordered to pack up their belongings and demonstrate against vague notions of tyranny and oppression elsewhere.

But while some indeed cleared out (in a manner of speaking, at least), others decided to stay and fight, erecting — ironically — a “border wall” to enclose the Occupy ICE PDX encampment and stationing “border guards” around their tiny independent nation.

No, really. The border wall, which is in fact quite high (perhaps, say, to prevent border jumpers), went up over the weekend.

On Wednesday, bystanders noticed that Occupy ICE PDX had furthered militarized their border, stationing a “border patrol” around the perimeter and charging their new “wall guards” with monitoring their makeshift border wall around the clock.


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