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Los Angeles County Bans Official Travel to Alabama

The pro-abortion zealots sitting on the County Board of Supervisors just banned official travel to Alabama except for emergencies because of Alabama’s pro-life law. A statement from LA County Supervisor (and Obama administration veteran) Hilda Solis calls Alabama’s protection of innocent life an attack on Alabama residents. “Today’s vote sends a strong signal that infringing upon an individual’s rights to reproductive health and privacy are not American values,” quoth Solis. This is the same board that voted to ban plastic straws to save fish, but you know, priorities.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Welcome to the era of ridiculous political posturing.

Los Angeles County, home to the county seat that is so concerned with the lives of fish that it has waged war on plastic straws, isn’t as concerned with human life.

Unhappy with Alabama’s new abortion law, the County Board of Supervisors spent taxpayer-paid time addressing the issue.

From WBRC.com:

One of the largest counties in the country says it’s not doing business with Alabama because of the recently passed abortion bill.
This week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to implement a one year travel restriction to Alabama for official LA County business except for emergencies.

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