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Majority Want SCOTUS Justice Confirmed Before Elections

Unfortunately Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, his hope for a post-election SCOTUS confirmation is among the minority in America…by 2-to-1.
According to a new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll released Tuesday, 62% of Americans want Trump’s yet-to-be-named nominee confirmed before the November elections.
A mere 33% want the confirmation vote to occur after the elections.
Independents also support a pre-election vote on the nominee by a near mirror number of 61%.
So the catch-22 for Dems is that they’ll likely lose more momentum in that ‘blue wave’ if they press the issue of waiting on Trump’s nominee.
Here’s more from Breitbart…
Americans want the President to appoint, and the Senate to confirm, a new Supreme Court justice before the 2018 midterm elections — by a staggering 2-to-1 margin, according to a new poll released Tuesday.


According to a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll:

More than six in 10 Americans, or 62 percent, said Trump’s nominee, who will be announced on Monday, should be confirmed or rejected before the elections in which control of the House and Senate are at stake. About three in 10, or 33 percent, said the Senate should wait until after the elections, the poll found.

The vast majority of Republicans surveyed, 85 percent, said the Senate’s vote on the nominee should take place before the election. Roughly six in 10 Independents, or 61 percent, agreed. However, more than half of Democrats, 55 percent, believe the voting on a new justice should wait.

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