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Merrick Garland Exposed: Calls for Immediate Impeachment!

It’s no coincidence that The Wall Street Journal published an “exclusive” flattering article on Merrick Garland’s so-called “by-the-book, play-no-favorites approach” just as he is set to be grilled by Congress. The Biden administration is desperate to portray Garland as a fair and impartial dispenser of justice.

In reality, Garland has consistently weaponized the Department of Justice to target the Biden administration’s political opponents, from pro-life protesters to concerned parents, and now to a former president. His claim of impartiality is laughable when he routinely puts Biden in uncomfortable positions only when he has no other choice.

Right now, Garland is refusing to hand over audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interviews with former Special Counsel Robert Hur, despite a congressional subpoena. The DOJ’s stonewalling of Congress while prosecuting Trump for alleged crimes that these very tapes supposedly exonerate Biden of shows the clear bias at play. Garland’s assertion of executive privilege to withhold these tapes is absurd and politically motivated. The public has a right to the unedited truth, especially when the transcripts reveal Biden’s lies.

Garland’s partisan actions are blatant. While he aggressively pursued a raid on Trump’s home over a classified document dispute, he let the statute of limitations run out on the Biden family’s foreign influence-peddling scandal. When left-wing pro-Hamas protesters targeted Jews, Garland was busy inflating the threat of a so-called MAGA extremist revolution with bogus statistics. Meanwhile, he did nothing about illegal picketing at the homes of federal judges or the attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life but went after pro-life families and elderly protesters.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. The DOJ’s attempts to undermine voter decisions in red states like Texas, and its restart of censorship under the guise of stopping foreign interference, highlight Garland’s blatant partisanship. His task force targeting parents protesting COVID restrictions and woke curriculums is another clear overreach aimed at chilling free speech.

Even the case against Hunter Biden, often touted by the left as proof of Garland’s impartiality, is a sham. Garland appointed a special counsel from within the government, who nearly handed Hunter an astonishing immunity deal on felony gun and tax charges, thanks to the intervention of whistleblowers and a judge.

Garland’s claim to “defend our democracy” against “conspiracy theories” is rich coming from a man whose actions have consistently undermined trust in the justice system. His tenure should be scrutinized and, frankly, he should be impeached for his blatant partisanship. The Democrats’ use of the legal system to punish political enemies is a dangerous precedent, and Garland is at the forefront of this authoritarian trend.

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