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Michael Cohen’s TikTok May Sink Trump Prosecution

Legal experts have raised concerns about the impact of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s TikTok fundraising videos on New York’s prosecution of the former president. A recent ABC News article highlighted how Cohen’s TikTok livestreams discussing Trump, the ongoing trial, and testimony could pose a problem for the prosecution.

During these livestreams, Cohen has been receiving financial benefits through viewer donations, leading to questions about the credibility of an essential witness in the case. While this activity may not violate any court orders, experts believe it undermines Cohen’s credibility as a witness.

Former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons expressed concern, stating that it’s problematic for a witness to discuss the case outside the courtroom. TikTok’s donation feature allows viewers to contribute money, potentially creating conflicts of interest or perceptions of bias.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy described Cohen’s actions as a major problem for prosecutors, emphasizing Cohen’s lack of credibility due to past convictions for perjury and fraud. McCarthy pointed out that Cohen’s defense strategy hinges on discrediting his own guilty pleas, which could weaken his standing as a witness.

Even Michael Avenatti, himself a disgraced attorney, criticized Cohen’s behavior, suggesting that it could harm the prosecution’s case. Avenatti expressed concerns about Cohen’s violations of court orders and the potential impact on trial proceedings, highlighting the need for caution when discussing sensitive legal matters publicly.

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson echoed these concerns, noting that Cohen’s actions could create conflicts and provide fodder for cross-examination during the trial. The risk of undermining Cohen’s credibility and introducing new complications into the legal proceedings is a significant concern for the prosecution.

In response to the criticism, Cohen stated that he would cease commenting on Trump and the trial out of respect for the court and prosecutors. However, the New York prosecution has not commented on the matter, leaving open questions about how Cohen’s livestream activities might impact the ongoing legal proceedings.

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