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NAACP Plays Race Card Against Trump Nominee

The NAACP is playing the race card again, this time about potential Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is rumored to be one of the two likely picks to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, which is slated to be announced on Monday. Quoth the race-baiters: “Amy Coney Barrett sided against a Black worker in favor of a company’s ‘separate-but-equal arrangement’. But, per usual, the devil’s in the details. The only case that comes close to that description is one that was decided BEFORE Barrett was appointed to the Court. Typical liberal strategy: if facts are against you, make up some new ‘facts’.

An arm of the NAACP on Monday falsely accused a potential Trump nominee of ruling against a black worker in a discrimination claim.

“As a judge, Amy Coney Barrett sided against an Black worker in favor of a company’s ‘separate-but-equal arrangement,’ flying in the face of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” read a now-deleted tweet from the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund. “Now, she’s being considered for a lifetime seat on our nation’s highest court.

Other progressive organizations making the same claim against the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge and former Notre Dame law professor include the Alliance for Justice and the Center for American Progress.
“As a judge, Barrett sided against an African American worker who had been transferred to another store because of a company’s policy of segregating their employees by race and ethnicity, finding that the company’s ‘separate-but-equal arrangement is permissible,'” complained AFJ

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