NBC: Info Clearing Kavanaugh Not “Newsworthy”

We finally have an explanation behind NBC news sitting on evidence that would have cleared now-confirmed SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh of decades-old sexual assault allegations. NBC execs claim: “It was not newsworthy.” In explaining why evidence was covered up for a full week prior to the Oct. 6 vote, NBC’s Kate Snow said the news was hidden from the public because they were not able to verify or confirm the evidence, one for the irony hall of fame considering the wall-to-wall coverage of every unsubstantiated allegation against Kavanaugh. Snow tweeted: “By the time we were able to find the woman independently from Mr. Avenatti, who declined to give us her full legal name and phone number, and fully report and vet her story, the Kavanaugh confirmation process was over and the news value was limited.” Translation: we dragged our feet long enough to ensure relevant details remained buried.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

NBC’s Kate Snow offers only falsehoods and double talk to explain why she and her employer hid crucial facts that would have cleared then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape allegations.
On Friday, Breitbart News reported that, although NBC had the information a full week prior to his October 6 confirmation, NBC covered up news that would have cleared Kavanaugh when it mattered most — during those intense final days of the confirmation process.

During that week, here is the information NBC News hid from the public and those senators deciding on whether or not to confirm Kavanaugh:

On September 30, the woman who signed a sworn statement corroborating Julie Swetnick’s gang rape allegations against Kavanaugh (the statement was publicly released by attorney Michael Avenatti on October 2), not only told NBC she had never witnessed Kavanaugh spike punch or rape anyone, she also became something of a character witness for Kavanaugh when she told NBC she had never once seen him behave inappropriately.

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