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Oreo’s Bold Move Sets it on Bud Light’s Path!

The potential fate of Oreo, akin to the Bud Light saga, is stirring concern within conservative circles. Mondelēz International, Oreo’s parent company based in Chicago, faces scrutiny at its upcoming shareholder meeting regarding its LGBTQ-focused marketing strategies, which some fear could lead to business setbacks and brand damage.

As a shareholder in Mondelēz, formerly known as Kraft Foods, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) is raising red flags, cautioning against following in Bud Light’s controversial footsteps. NLPC’s two-page proposal highlights what it deems as irresponsible entanglement in politically divisive matters and extensive involvement in left-wing activism, posing potential risks to Mondelēz’s reputation and financial stability.

NLPC’s resolution urges Mondelēz to reassess its engagements, particularly with groups like PFLAG, a prominent LGBTQ advocacy organization. The concern stems from PFLAG’s lobbying efforts against state laws aimed at safeguarding minors from certain medical interventions and its aggressive push for what critics term as “gender-affirming” procedures on young children.

Moreover, NLPC raises concerns about PFLAG’s advocacy for explicit and controversial literature in educational settings, highlighting instances where sexually explicit materials have been promoted under the guise of combating “book bans.” The alliance between Oreo and PFLAG, coupled with financial support totaling at least $500,000, has sparked questions about the appropriateness of aligning a brand associated with family and children with such contentious activism.

In addition to LGBTQ-focused issues, NLPC’s proposal also draws attention to Mondelēz’s financial backing of organizations like the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation during periods of civil unrest, a move criticized for its perceived support of anti-capitalist ideologies and disruptive social movements.

The broader context of Mondelēz’s affiliations, including ties to globalist entities like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and UN-related bodies, further fuels concerns among conservatives. The push for climate-related initiatives, while noble in intention, is viewed with skepticism regarding the lack of transparency in achieving ambitious targets like net-zero emissions by 2050.

NLPC’s call for greater scrutiny and transparency within Mondelēz’s operations reflects conservative sentiments that advocate for a more balanced approach to corporate social responsibility, one that avoids overly politicized engagements and focuses on core business interests while respecting diverse viewpoints within its consumer base.

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