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Seven Swing State Polls For Trump Should Have Biden Concerned

Since the Spring of 2020, the media has been broadcasting polls predicting Joe Biden will win big in November.

The left-leaning press appears to ignore Biden’s troubling past and possible mental decline. They also appear to discount Trump’s enthusiastic base.

Trump continues to lead the country through crisis after crisis. Biden, hides in his basement.

And now 10 new polls are revealing that not is all as it seems:

Poll results released Wednesday by American Principles Project (APP) and SPRY Strategies found that President Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in seven of ten battleground states, with a narrow lead in four of them. Read more…


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Ben Carson Tears Down Obama’s Legacy, Eliminating His “Devastating” Housing Rule

Former President Barack Obama’s legacy hasn’t remained untouched in recent years.

Against the wishes of most Democrats, the Donald Trump administration has either rolled back or even completely erased pieces of the Obama legacy.

From energy and oil to various economic and infrastructure rules, Trump and his team have definitely made a dent in Obama-era rules.

And this time, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is wielding the wrecking ball. Read more…


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Chicago Mayor Caves to President Trump, Agrees to Accept 200 New Federal Agents

Over the Summer of 2020, Americans have watched as crime has exploded across major Democrat-run cities.

The president called for local leaders to end the wave of violent crime.

Instead, Democrats promised to defund the police.

With all other options off the table, President Trump sent in federal law enforcement.

“Operation Legend” has been criticized by Democrats, including Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago—who promised to refuse federal support.

She even called on Chicago residents to call 911 on federal law enforcement. Read more…


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Michigan Teacher Fired Over Standing Up For Trump

It’s no secret that public school teachers’ unions are all-in for the Democrats. In fact, it seems that any teacher who expresses support for Donald Trump or Republicans can quickly face backlash.

On teacher in Michigan was hammered for an overt expression of support for Trump. You’d think he attended a rally or was seen wearing a MAGA hat. Or perhaps he posted a long rant online endorsing the president. Read more…



President Trump Dares Biden to Mental Face-Off

November is inching closer and closer, and the candidates are already starting to take jabs at each other.

President Donald Trump hasn’t been shy about going after presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden, for example.

Trump has called out Biden during recent speeches, and he often goes after the Democrat leader’s mental acuity.

Clearly, POTUS believes he has the edge in this category. Read more…


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Supreme Court Rules For President Trump, Gives Democrats the Red Light

President Trump recently won a big case against Democrats in Congress. For years, they have been trying to get a hold of the president’s tax records.

With little to no evidence, liberals frequently accuse Trump of tax fraud. Their goal is to uncover his records in an attempt to prove this claim.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that New York Democrats after the president’s records could continue their case. But they also required the issue to be settled by lower courts.

Democrats hoped to fast-track the case, but the highest court in the land just gave them a red light. Read more…


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Liberal Writer Wants the National Anthem Removed

The National Anthem has been in place for a very long time.

But as the country continues to reevaluate certain standards and traditions, the Star Spangled Banner could be the next leftist target.

After protesters went after certain monuments, statues and memorials, they’re now setting their sights on the country’s most patriotic song.

And a contributing writer for the Los Angeles Times thinks it needs to be replaced.

He isn’t the first to consider this, as the Banner’s author – Francis Scott Key – was a slaveholder. Read more…


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Senator Hawley Investigates the Investigators

The McCloskeys were a couple who received intense attention after they brandished firearms to defend their property.

As a mob of protesters passed through their neighborhood, this couple guarded their home from possible vandalism or robbery. The guns they used (while never firing a shot) they legally owned.

That didn’t stop the mainstream media from painting them as criminals. In response, a St. Louis circuit attorney took their guns—and has suggested she might prosecute them. Read more…


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Joe Biden Caught Preparing ‘Lawyer Army’, to Prepare For Trump

President Trump has been vocal about concerns that mail-in voting can be exploited for fraud. The media and Democrats, however, have been quick to criticize or dismiss his concerns.

At one point, Twitter even went as far as to censor a post by the president for even suggesting it.

With this herculean effort to suppress Trump’s concerns over fraud, perhaps the media is also working to counter wild comments from his rival, Joe Biden?

It doesn’t appear that way. In fact, nobody seems to be criticizing Biden for his recent statement. Read more…


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Ilhan Omar’s Financial Records Spill Out

Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been in the news recently. But not all of it has been positive.

Video of the woman calling for the dismantling of America’s “economic and political” systems went viral. Her critics have accused the Democrat of wanting to destroy the foundation of the country’s democracy and way of life.

That only seems to be the beginning of her problems, though. Watchdogs have been looking into her books. And it seems like over $1 million from her campaign has gone from one pocket to the other. Read more…