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Pollsters Giving Hail Mary to Dems Ahead of Election

Democrats are leading in many polls across America, and perhaps the most questionable “evidence” of imminent victory on Election Day is that Nate Silver – a reliably leftist pollster – is predicting an 84% chance of a “blue wave” in the House of Representatives. As Daily Wire’s Joseph Curl points out, this is “the same Nate Silver who [put] the odds of Hillary Clinton winning the White House at 71.4 percent.” Indicators that all may not be rosy are the polls showing GOP candidates gaining nearly double-digit leads and the nervous reporting by the Associated Press wondering aloud, “In the closing stretch of the 2018 campaign, the question is no longer the size of the Democratic wave. It’s whether there will be a wave at all.” That wave, ultimately, could be a good-bye wave to any chance of Pelosi taking up the Speaker’s gavel again.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Famed election prognosticator Nate Silver puts the odds of the Democrats taking over the House of Representatives at 84.6%.

Wait, you ask if this is the same Nate Silver who puts the odds of Hillary Clinton winning the White House at 71.4%?

Yes, yes it is.

So, one place you can not take that prediction is the bank.

Democrats have been solidly in the lead in generic polls that measure which party, Democrat or Republican, people say they’re going to vote for on November 6. But like Silver, those polls are often wrong. And the double-digit margin has suddenly closed as Election Day nears, with Democrats holding just a 3 or 4 point lead with less than two weeks to go.

The Associated Press, as liberal a news outlet as you’ll find out there, is now getting worried.

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