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Shocking Demand: Republicans Call for Biden’s Pre-Debate ‘Stimulation’ Test!

Several prominent Republicans have raised concerns about President Joe Biden’s performance and have called for him to undergo a drug test before debating former President Donald Trump. These calls stem from observations of Biden’s energetic display during his State of the Union speech earlier this year, which some view as potentially enhanced by external factors.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, speaking on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” expressed support for the idea of a drug test before the debate. He noted the unusual and energetic nature of Biden’s State of the Union address, suggesting that there may have been artificial stimulation involved. Scott emphasized the importance of understanding the truth behind such performances, especially given the responsibilities of the presidency.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna of Florida echoed Scott’s sentiments, highlighting the gravity of the presidency and the need for assurance regarding the mental competence of the president. Luna pointed out that questions about Biden’s cognitive abilities are driving House Republicans’ efforts to obtain audio recordings of Biden’s interview with former special counsel Robert Hur.

Former President Trump has also joined the chorus, calling for a drug test for Biden ahead of their potential debate. Trump’s concern revolves around what he perceives as a significant decline in Biden’s cognitive abilities over time, noting the contrast between Biden’s energetic State of the Union address and his apparent exhaustion afterward.

Trump’s remarks during a rally in Minnesota emphasized his determination to debate Biden but also his insistence on ensuring a fair and transparent process, including a drug test. Trump’s comments reflect broader concerns within the Republican Party about Biden’s mental acuity and the need for transparency in assessing presidential candidates’ fitness for office.

North Carolina Representative Greg Murphy, drawing from his medical background, speculated that Biden may have been “jacked up on something” during his State of the Union speech. Murphy’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among some Republicans that Biden’s energetic performances may not be entirely natural, raising questions about his ability to sustain such levels of engagement and focus.

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