Strzok Admits FBI Based Investigation on Polls

The media are just now beginning to dig into the explicit and implied obfuscation, er, um, ‘testimony’ delivered last week by Peter Strzok. Among the details that escaped broader reporting was the fact that Strzok admitted FBI officials debated whether to pursue a Russia collusion investigation based on Donald Trump’s polling numbers. According to Strzok, his infamous ‘insurance policy’ text was a reference to that debate. The text aside, why would a federal agency base any official decision on the poll numbers of a presidential election? Shouldn’t the question be whether to do the job American taxpayers are paying for? And if Trump had been leading in the polls, would the FBI have been more dogged in pursuing the investigation earlier? Strzok is digging a deeper hole.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

In statements largely unreported by the news media, FBI official Peter Strzok described an alleged debate that took place within the FBI about how aggressively to pursue the Russia collusion investigation based on Donald Trump’s poll numbers in the 2016 presidential election.

Strzok made his statements about nine hours into Thursday’s televised congressional hearing during a section in which he was explaining his infamous August 2016 text message referencing an “insurance policy” in the event that Trump wins the election.

“The insurance policy text that has come up before?” began Strzok.  “That text represented a debate on information that we had received from an extraordinarily sensitive source and method and that typically when something is that sensitive if you take action on it you put it at risk. And so there is a tension there. Maybe we should just roll slow. Take a typical 3, 4-year counterintelligence investigation because the more aggressive you are the more you put it at risk. And some people said that.”

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