Study: School Shootings Are Actually Rare And Declining

Recall the dubious study by Newtown which was cited by leftist media outlets in the wake of the Parkland tragedy that showed 18 school shootings this year alone.

The anti-gun lobby jumped on that study to demonstrate how we’re at epidemic levels despite that the study included any round of ammunition fired within the vicinity of a school as a ‘school shooting’.

But now Heritage Foundation is out with a new study with legitimate data.

In 2018 there have been just four shootings. Of course one shooting is one too many, but it’s a far cry from 18.

And what the study shows also is that shootings are actually on the decline since the 90s.

So once again, the anti-gun hysteria is just that.

A calm, reasoned response is nearly always better than emotive knee-jerk.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The media has a way of taking an atrocity and making it seem like our world has come down with a serious case of it.

After each shooting, the media dedicates untold amounts of attention to shootings past, present, and future. You’d be forgiven for believing the United States is soaked in the blood of the victims of mass shootings, specifically in schools.

In fact, anti-gun organization Everytown likes to throw up scary numbers about 18 school shootings having occurred. Including Maryland we can bring their count up to 19, but the real number is actually four. Of course, that’s four too many, but the way Everytown tells it, anytime a live round is shot off inside or near a school campus, regardless of the context or outcome, it’s a school shooting. This may include something along the lines of a man committing suicide in the parking lot of a closed down elementary school.

According to a new study from the Heritage Foundation, the hysterics over the amount of school shootings handed to us by the media isn’t half as bad as they portray it. Furthermore, they are more rare now than they were in the 90s.

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