The Official Arizona Audit Results Are Here

President Donald Trump declared that massive fraud found was in the Arizona forensic audit, according to the state Senate hearing Friday, could change the 2020 election.

According to the results of the forensic audit, Maricopa County counted 9,589 excess mail-in ballots with bad or no signatures, approving and verifying blank votes.

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai gave the first presentation of the Maricopa County forensic audit to the Arizona Senate. Ayyadurai’s analysis focused on the mail-in ballot envelopes sent to Maricopa County. During the presentation, Ayyadurai explained that the audit examined the signature area of the ballots, and compared them to the official canvass results that Maricopa County gave in their report. When using signature presence detection analysis, the audit found an excess of 9,589 votes with signatures that were either blank or were “scribbles.” Photos shown in the presentation included totally blank ballots being stamped “approved.” Read more…

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