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Trump, RNC Sue Nevada: Mail Ballot Deadline Violates Law!

The Republican National Committee (RNC), in tandem with former President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Nevada Republican Party, has initiated a lawsuit against the state of Nevada regarding its post-Election Day mail ballot acceptance policy. This legal action is framed within broader efforts by the RNC and Trump campaign to uphold election integrity in the lead-up to and during the Nov. 5 election, especially against the backdrop of their contest against President Joe Biden.

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley asserted that Nevada’s ballot receipt deadline, allowing mail ballots to arrive up to four days after Election Day, contravenes federal law and erodes election integrity. The lawsuit targets key officials including Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar and various county clerks and registrars, alleging that this extended grace period for mail ballots violates federal law by extending the election beyond the designated timeline.

The crux of the RNC’s argument is that the acceptance of mail ballots after Election Day compromises the fairness of the election process and dilutes the impact of valid ballots with untimely and potentially invalid ones. This, according to the RNC, infringes on the rights of candidates, campaigns, and voters as safeguarded by federal law.

Nevada’s transition to an all-mail voting system in 2021, primarily due to pandemic-related concerns, has been contentious, particularly among Republicans who opposed the shift. Secretary of State Aguilar defended Nevada’s mail ballot rules, emphasizing the state’s commitment to secure, transparent, and accessible elections while underscoring the importance of accommodating various voting methods for all citizens, including voting by mail.

The lawsuit against Nevada underscores broader partisan tensions over election procedures, with Republicans aiming to challenge policies they view as undermining the integrity of the electoral process. Trump’s past electoral outcomes in Nevada, including losses in 2020 and 2016, add a strategic context to this legal maneuver, as winning the Silver State in the upcoming election could significantly impact his rematch against Biden.

Amidst these legal battles, the RNC has also ramped up efforts nationwide, with at least 83 fair election lawsuits in progress across 25 states and the deployment of 100,000 poll-watching volunteers. This signifies a concerted push by Republicans to ensure adherence to election laws and protect what they perceive as the sanctity of the democratic process.

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