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Trump Slams Biden: Silent on Gaza, Radical Campus

During a campaign speech in Waukesha, Wisconsin, former President Donald Trump called for the removal of Gaza encampments that have sprung up on college campuses across the United States. He criticized President Biden for his perceived inaction on the issue, urging institutions to address what he described as the presence of “radical extremists” disrupting campus life.

Trump expressed concern over what he termed as “terrorizing” activities by “far-left agitators” on college campuses, noting that some of these individuals are not even students and may come from foreign countries. He called on college presidents to swiftly dismantle the encampments, asserting the need to reclaim campuses for the safety and well-being of regular students.

In his speech, Trump specifically lauded the New York Police Department for swiftly dismantling a Gaza encampment at Columbia University, applauding their efficiency in restoring order. He referred to the police officers involved as “New York’s finest” and praised their actions in resolving the situation.

The former president criticized President Biden for what he viewed as a lack of response to the unsanctioned encampments, characterizing them as a political base for the current administration. Trump emphasized the need for decisive action to address the violence and rising antisemitism associated with these encampments on college campuses.

Trump’s remarks come in the wake of numerous “Gaza Liberated Zones” appearing on college campuses nationwide, leading to disruptions in academic activities and safety concerns due to the involvement of non-students in these protests. The situation has prompted schools to take measures such as canceling classes or shutting down entirely to mitigate the impact of these encampments.

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