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Trump Torches Failing Woke Generals

As an iconic statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was toppled to the cheers of the low IQ mob on Wednesday, very few Republicans had the audacity to speak out against the cultural genocide taking place.

With the exception, of course, of President Donald Trump.

Trump released a statement against the ISIS-style movement from the Left to uproot and destroy American history, in which he said Robert E. Lee would do a better job in Afghanistan than today’s weak military generals who serve defense contractors rather than the people.

“Just watched as a massive crane took down the magnificent and very famous statue of “Robert E. Lee On His Horse” in Richmond, Virginia. It has long been recognized as a beautiful piece of bronze sculpture. To add insult to injury, those who support this “taking” now plan to cut it into three pieces, and throw this work of art into storage prior to its complete desecration,” Trump wrote in an email blast to his supporters. Read more…

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