Trump’s HHS Secretary Following Reaganesque Agenda

HHS Secretary Alex Azar just outlined a bevy of reforms to America’s health care policy that were reminiscent of the Reagan administration. Among them are cutting wasteful spending, streamlining prescription prices, and reforming insurance markets which are continuing to reel from ObamaCare. His goal is to reduce the burden on taxpayers and to improve the quality and value of healthcare services. Of particular concern are the millions of additional able-bodied dependents on Medicaid who in some cases receive a 90% subsidy for health care costs from the federal government paying out to states that agreed with the expansion. In other words, Trump officials are taking to heart Reagan’s inaugural missive that “in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Here’s more from The Daily Signal…

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar recently outlined an ambitious health care policy agenda that is positively Reaganesque.

In the spirit of the late President Ronald Reagan, Azar emphasized that the Trump administration’s major health care policy initiatives would rely heavily on harnessing the creative powers of federalism and reaffirming state innovation, the central role of free-market principles of choice and competition, and a commitment to practical problem-solving with a clear-eyed grasp of political and economic conditions.

His July 26 remarks at the Heritage Foundation were vintage Reagan.

Azar focused his address on the multiple complexities of prescription-drug pricing, bridging the gap between spending and the value of medical goods and services, and the urgent need to repair the nation’s severely damaged health insurance markets.

“President Trump’s budget proposes to replace the entirety of the [Affordable Care Act] subsidy structure, as well as the Medicaid expansion, with a flexible block grant,” he said.

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