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Unions Turn to Trump as Biden Fails

Major unions, such as the Teamsters, are considering endorsing Donald Trump, causing panic among Democrats. Historically, unions and their members have been a dependable voting bloc for the Democratic Party. However, recent developments suggest a shift in allegiance that could have significant implications for the upcoming election.

The Teamsters, one of the largest unions in the United States, recently made a rare donation to the Republican National Committee after their president, Sean O’Brien, met with Trump. O’Brien’s request for speaking slots at both the Republican and Democratic conventions signals a potential for bipartisan engagement, which is unusual for a union traditionally aligned with the Democrats. Similarly, the United Auto Workers (UAW) withheld their endorsement of Biden until January due to dissatisfaction with his pro-EV policies, reflecting growing frustration within the union ranks.

Joe Biden, who often refers to himself as the “most pro-union president,” even made a brief appearance at a UAW protest last September for a photo-op. Despite his efforts, union workers’ support appears to be waning. Exit polls from 2020 showed union voters favored Biden by a 16 percent margin, but recent polls indicate his lead has shrunk to just 9 percent. This erosion of support is alarming for the Biden campaign, as unions have been a cornerstone of Democratic electoral strategy for decades.

In contrast, Donald Trump has been actively courting union support. In April, he mingled with union workers outside his Manhattan ‘hush money’ trial, shaking hands and taking pictures. One worker, Darren Could, expressed the sentiment on the ground: “They say unions aren’t big for Trump — well they are. Maybe the top union brass aren’t, but when you talk to the men on the construction site, they’re all about Trump.” This grassroots support is a stark contrast to the narrative pushed by union leadership and highlights a growing disconnect between union leaders and their rank-and-file members.

Democrats are hitting the panic button as this shift becomes more apparent. Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota warned his party that their longstanding affiliation with union leaders is not translating into electoral support from union workers. This concern is part of a broader trend, as Biden is losing support from key constituencies, including black voters, Hispanic voters, and young voters, all of whom are showing unprecedented shifts towards Trump.

While it remains unlikely that the Teamsters will formally endorse Trump, the fact that their leadership is even considering it suggests they recognize the significant support Trump has among their members. This development underscores the broader challenges facing the Democratic Party as they head into the 2024 election, with traditional bases of support increasingly turning towards the 45th president.

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