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Warren: “Decrimilalize Illegal Border Crossing”

If elected president in 2020, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will implement a scorched-earth policy on America’s sovereignty and our border security agents, even decriminalizing illegal border crossings. It comes complete with a vow to “reshape CBP and ICE from top to bottom,” create an Office of New Americans, raise the number of refugees by more than 100,000 in her first year as well, and put more than 11 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship. Warren calls it a “rules-based system that is fair, humane, and that reflects our values.” But if public polling is any indication, the American people say, “Thanks but no thanks.” Good luck with all that, Liz.

Here’s more from Free Beacon…

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has released a new immigration plan that would include decriminalizing crossing the border in a Medium post on Thursday.

“We need expanded legal immigration that will grow our economy, reunite families, and meet our labor market demands. We need real reform that provides cost-effective security at our borders, addresses the root causes of migration, and provides a path to status and citizenship so that our neighbors don’t have to live in fear,” the post reads, “That’s why today I’m announcing my plan for immigration reform — to create a rules-based system that is fair, humane, and that reflects our values.”

Along with decriminalizing border crossings, Warren vows to “reshape CBP and ICE from top to bottom” to focus them on smuggling and trafficking, and to use methods of monitoring migrants outside of detention, such as parole, case management, and surveillance.

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