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Wisconsin’s Absentee Voting Laws Spark Outrage and Fraud

The recent legal turmoil surrounding the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) has stirred significant concern among conservative circles, highlighting what some have labeled as the “absentee ballot scandal of 2024.” The controversy stems from a temporary restraining order issued by Wisconsin Judge James Morrison against WEC, barring the use of legally questionable absentee ballot envelopes pending further legal review.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of a Wisconsin voter, accuses WEC of putting voters in a precarious position where they must either commit election fraud or forgo casting an absentee ballot. The complaint alleges that WEC’s approval of new ballot envelopes violates Wisconsin election law by requiring voters to falsely certify the envelopes as copies of a ballot request generated through the state’s MyVote online portal.

State lawmakers, including former Assembly Elections Committee Chairwoman Janel Brandtjen, have expressed deep concern over WEC’s actions. Brandtjen characterized the situation as an “incredible disaster,” emphasizing the potential legal implications and the detrimental impact on election security, particularly regarding the chain of custody for absentee ballots.

Criticism has also been directed at WEC’s leadership and decision-making processes. State Sen. Julian Bradley highlighted the concern that unelected bureaucrats within WEC may be circumventing established election laws, undermining the integrity of free and fair elections.

Efforts to hold WEC accountable have been met with challenges, including calls for the removal of controversial Administrator Meagan Wolfe. Despite previous attempts, such as impeachment campaigns and proposals to dissolve WEC, Wolfe remains in her position, contributing to ongoing concerns about the commission’s functionality and adherence to legal standards.

The ongoing litigation surrounding the ballot envelopes reflects broader issues within WEC, with accusations of creating conditions conducive to election fraud and disenfranchising absentee voters. As the legal proceedings unfold, conservatives and lawmakers are closely monitoring developments to ensure electoral integrity and compliance with Wisconsin’s election laws.

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