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Young Americans Losing Pride in Their Country Rapidly!

Young voters today hold a predominantly unfavorable view of the state of the United States, with less than half expressing pride in being American, according to a recent Blueprint poll released Wednesday. The survey, which focused on individuals aged 18-30, revealed that only 42% of young voters feel proud to be American. A significant 64% believe that America is in decline, and half describe the country in terms like “hellscape,” “dystopia,” or “dying empire.”

Furthermore, less than half of those surveyed, just 48%, consider America to be more of a “good guy” than a “bad guy” on the global stage. Only 33% believe America is a “force for good in the world.” This reflects a troubling trend among young voters who seem to have been influenced by anti-colonialist rhetoric and left-leaning education systems. Alarmingly, 38% view America as a global imperial oppressor, 48% fear the country is at risk of becoming fascist, 45% think America should pay reparations to black people, and 36% agree that prisons and police “as we know them” should be abolished.

The majority of young voters surveyed also hold the view that the American dream has not been equally accessible to all, that systems of power in the U.S. are built on the marginalization of minorities, and that black people face systemic disadvantages in America. They also believe that most people in the country are inherently racist, sexist, and biased.

Despite their left-leaning stance on social issues, young voters exhibit a deep cynicism about government and politicians. According to the poll, 65% believe nearly all politicians are corrupt, 51% think the American political system does not work for them, and 48% feel it doesn’t matter who wins elections because nothing changes. Additionally, 35% say that nothing a politician has done has personally benefited them.

Regarding the government’s ability to handle future crises, half of young voters are concerned about the government’s response to another global pandemic, with 22% being “very worried.” Only 14% express confidence in the government’s ability to manage another pandemic effectively.

The pandemic itself has left a mixed impact on young voters’ happiness. While 11% reported being happier during the pandemic, a larger portion, 51%, were happier before it, and 21% say they are happier now. A staggering 77% agree that the pandemic changed the country for the worse.

This survey underscores the deep-seated discontent and disillusionment among young voters, who are critical of both the nation’s direction and its leaders. It highlights the urgent need for conservative voices to address these concerns and re-engage this demographic with a message that emphasizes American exceptionalism, the value of traditional principles, and a realistic approach to addressing the nation’s challenges.

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